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21. November 2008

Private Eye Mysteries

Kein eigenes Spiel sondern eine Spielesammlung stellt Private Eye Mysteries dar. Wie der Name schon fast vermuten lässt handelt es sich um ein sattes Krimi-Paket. Enthalten sind neben den beiden Tex Murphy -Games Martian Memorandum und Mean Streets noch zwei Titel die eher ins Action-Genre abdriften. Countdown und Crime Wave. Alle Games sind im englischen Original.
A powerful crime syndicate has taken over large areas of our major cities, turning them into vast criminal wastelands. Arson, extortion, and now... terrorist abduction. The president's daughter has been taken and is being held hostage. You have to wipe out this criminal organization and rescue the president's daughter.
You're American agent, Mason Powers. You've intercepted an ultra secret message. Just as you are about to brief the CIA Section Chief, everything goes black. You wake up in a hospital in Turkey... with no memory of what happened and charged with the murder of Agent Frank McBain. Who set you up? Who is trying to kill you? And why do you feel such an intense urgency? The Countdown has begun... and you better find answers fast.
It's the year 2033. Your name is Tex Murphy, private investigator in San Fransisco. You've been hired by the beautiful daughter of a university professor to uncover the facts about her father's death. As you begin your investigation, you uncover the deaths of several prominent members of the scientific community. Are they coincidental or is something more sinister going on. There are a lot of suspects, and what about Sylvia, the professor's daughter?
Tex Murphy, the hard boiled gumshoe of Mean Streets returns. This time Marshall Alexander, the president of Terraform Corp. asks Tex to find his missing daughter. Tex faces murder, deception, romance and prophecy as he investigates the disappearance. What he learns will take him from his home to the Martian colonies in the year 2039.
BEWERTUNG: entfällt (siehe unter den einzelnen Titeln, sofern vorhanden)
25 MB - Imagedatei - komplett englisch - benötigt DosBox
PASSWORT: adventure.crack.to

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